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Ireland RnR Ireland Reunions tours are for U. S. Service Academy and college alumni classes and alumni varsity sports letterman clubs, military unit alumni associations, fraternal organizations, trade associations, travel groups, knitter groups, and other groups whose members have always had a strong desire to vacation in Ireland. Our tourists do not want to be rushed on a whirlwind tour of long bus rides around the entire length and width of Ireland, staying in a different hotel in a different town every night, continuously unpacking and packing each day, up early in the morning and out the door to the next town. Instead, our tourists prefer to unpack once and to stay in a luxury spa resort hotel in Southwest Ireland for a week, where they can relax with classmates, friends, colleagues, and people of like interests and experience Ireland up close and personal with them.

An Ireland RnR Ireland Reunions tour provides:

• An intimate, relaxing travel experience, with full exposure to an entire range of Southwest Ireland’s beautiful towns, villages, scenery, traditions, entertainment, and culture.

• An educational experience with Irish history and Irish genealogy talks by experts in those fields.

• Personalized escorted sightseeing day trips conducted by very friendly, knowledgeable, entertaining, local bus driver/guides.

• Rich, fulfilling opportunities to renew old friendships and make new friends.

• Excellent value and full disclosure on the total tour package price, with no additional costs, VAT taxes, surcharges, and fees hidden in the small print.