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“Excellent experience – highly recommend Mike Healy and his company!” – Mark Crane, USMA 1984

“Exceptionally well-planned with a great itinerary at the right pace. Mike does it right.” – Rick Simis, USMA 1980

“Five Stars. Lisa and I just completed a wonderful trip to Ireland as part of a mini-class reunion. Catching up with classmates after 33 years brought back memories of great times together, as well as creating new ones. We shared stories of our families and friends among the national park in Killarney, Dingle, the coastal roads, and many other famous areas. Mike Healy, Amanda, and Dan led a well planned trip. They went out of their way to help with special requests. A greta team! I highly recommend Ireland RnR Tours for mini-reunions, or family get aways. Ireland is a magical place to discover!”  – Dan McKenrick, USMA 1984

“The Ireland RnR Tours LLC provided an outstanding tour of Ireland for us from June 4 to 11, 2017. Mike Healy, the Director and Tour Operator provided the optimal mix of places to see and things to do in southwest Ireland. Mike made sure you had all the information, transportation, and tour guides to enjoy the wonderful places and people in Ireland. The hotel was top-notch. Each day we enjoyed beautiful scenery; cultural immersion; great Irish food and drink; and superb comradery with our tour-mates. The Irish people are extremely friendly and we experienced that by enjoying Irish music and pubs almost every night facilitated by the tour director and our wonderful bus driver, Dan. We highly recommend booking a tour with Ireland RnR Tours LLC. It was an adventure we will never forget!”  –  Susan & John Tindall, USMA 1980

“Song Li and I had great time during the Ireland Reunion. You have set up very high standards for reunion tours. I just would like to thank you for all the efforts to make this trip unforgettable.”  –  Song Li & Jim Kelley, USMA 1974

“Thank you so much for arranging and hosting such a wonderful tour of County Kerry. The hotel was outstanding, the scenery incredible, and your insights so valuable. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. There was just the right amount of everything. Great job in putting the tour together.” – In Ge and Clark Sorensen, USMA 1974

“Mike Healy put together a great getaway. It was great to see and learn about a scenic and historic part of Ireland with close friends. The tour was well thought out and paced just right for us. The evenings were entertaining and allowed time to get to know classmates that I had only known by name before. The hotel was exquisite (at least to an Infantryman). When asked what was our favorite part we both replied, “The Irish”. Mike didn’t have anything to do with making them who they are but I’m thankful he exposed us to them. This trip was totally relaxing and well worth the cost.”  – Bob Nealson, USMA 1974

“A really great trip. We appreciated the chance to wander in some of the lovely small and picturesque towns and not have to always hit one of the tourist spots. Nice blend of leisure and structure….and Malena remembered how much she enjoyed Guinness as we all did at Curran’s Pub in Dingle.” – Jock Merriam, USMA 1968

“The best trip we have taken. My husband and I travelled to Ireland with Mike and Victoria Healy for a eight day tour of southwestern Ireland. We are always told that there is no such thing as “perfection”. Tell that to Mike because he gave it to us. The idea of staying in one glorious 5-star hotel and unpacking only once while being able to see so much of the surrounding areas is a grand feature in itself. Couple that with a bus driver who knew everything about the areas and filled us with delicious little tidbits along with a fantastic musical ability and you are on your way for one great ride. We always started out on time and ended on time The itinerary gave us ample time to explore the areas, eat, shop and relax on a nearby bench. The itinerary was also varied enough so that everyone got to see his/her favorite idea of Ireland.   The Dunloe Hotel is a beautiful hotel in a setting that encourages one to sit on the balcony watching the cows/horses, sit in the lobby and enjoy the beauty of the hotel or have a very tasty meal/drinks. We appreciated a free day to travel into Killarney to “hang out”. My husband and I expect to tour again with Mike and Victoria and it can’t be too soon.”  – Sandi & Jeff Madsen, USMA 1967

“We continually think of what a simply tremendous time we had with you and our classmates in Ireland. You put together and hosted a fantastic trip. Everything from the Dunloe Hotel to Dan the Man and all the activities and sites were perfect. Thanks so much for doing these trips for our West Point classes and specifically the class of 1967. If you need any endorsements every one of us will rate the experience as 5 Stars.” – Jane & George Newman, USMA 1967

“Just wanted to say how much Kathleen and I enjoyed our tour. We had great fun, and we’d do it again tomorrow! I think your experience and knowledge of Ireland added so much to making my first visit fantastic. I still can’t get over what a great time we had. Its the best tour I’ve been on. You’ve gotten Kathleen interested in researching g her family’s roots as well; your talk was the inspiration.  We enjoyed our social gatherings and Irish music in the hotel and in the pubs and have been listening to our Irish music CDs every evening. I’m sure Kathleen would say the shopping was great fun for her and the other ladies, too.” – Kathleen & Paul Bigelman, USMA 1967

“Mike conducts excellent tours in Ireland. he is sensitive, personable and accommodating. he keeps things interesting and is a very nice person. Very knowledgeable, with out being overbearing. I would highly recommend Mike’s tour to anyone.” – Joe Laura, USMA 1973

“My wife and I went on Mike’s tour this June and had a wonderful time…Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history, and Mike helped us enjoy it for a week…worth every penny. Thanks, Mike!” – Mark Vinson, USMA 1978

“Thanks for hosting us on the USMA ’77 tour of Ireland. It was great! Your efforts are most appreciated. Thank you for everything you did for Sarah and me. We enjoyed everything about the tour.” – Rick Lynch, USMA 1977

“We had a wonderful time in Ireland with our classmates and spouses.  Having Mike and Victoria Healy on-the-ground doing all the prep work, day-to-day coordination, and familiarity with the country was key to how easy, organized, and enjoyable our entire trip was in Ireland.”  – Patty & Brian Smith. USMA 1977

“Sheila and I just returned from our weeklong Ireland adventure with Mike and some ’73 classmates.  In a word – SUPERB!  Our class’ accommodations were at the resort hotel Dunloe and our “regular” room was beautiful.  The included breakfasts were full buffet breakfasts with made to order eggs, etc.  Not one of those warming plate meals of mess hall eggs and sausages.  The daily tours were well done with a good combination of bus and walking time. The landscape we saw was magnificent. The bus driver was in good humor and local knowledge.  The 2 evening lectures that Mike arranged were good, though I felt both needed to be trimmed down by half the time.  Spending time with classmates, many of them previously unknown to me, was a natural highlight.  All I can say is that if County Kerry is this good, then surely there must be at least one more County that would make sense for a trip with Mike.” – George Saul, USMA 1973

“Mike is a professional in every sense of the word. I personally like Mike’s attention to detail on all matters pertaining to the trip. He is there from the first inquiry about a possible event to the last minute of the last day of a well planned and executed trip/tour.” – Pat Kane, USMA 1973

“Mike, just wanted to let you know the USMA Class of 1978 mini-reunion in June was one of my most enjoyable tour vacations. The blend of travel, sightseeing, history, and plain old fashioned getting back with classmates and their spouses was just wonderfully relaxing. Loved it, and would tour with you again.” – Craig College, USMA 1978

“I recently participated in one of Mike’s Ireland Reunion Tours. In one word, it was fantastic! In addition to being a great value, it was a very enjoyable and memorable experience. Mike’s tours include just the right mix of structure and flexibility in how you spend your time, where you eat, and where you go. Mike’s extensive knowledge of Ireland clearly contributes to the experience. His selection of hotel, daily tour locations/venues, tour bus company, special guests, entertainment, as well as his daily recommendations added so much to making it a memorable week. My wife still raves about how much fun she had and how enjoyable it was. I absolutely recommend Mike’s Ireland tours. I guarantee you’ll love it.” – Patrick McGaugh, USMA 1978

“Highly recommend Mike and his tours. As part of a group of 14 couples, had a marvelous trip to Ireland last month, thanks to Mike and the meticulous arrangements he had made. He even managed to get us perfect weather for the entire week!” – Rob Grubbs, USMA 1978

“Mike gave the Class of ’73 group an excellent tour in Ireland this past May. Everything was first class. Staying at a luxury hotel with day trips around the southwest of Ireland was awesome – terrific scenery, wonderful people, great food, and enjoyable camaraderie – all due to Mike’s planning and attention to details.” – Tom Lubozynski, USMA 1973

” I have to admit that I did not know what to expect from this trip. I had been to Ireland before and couldn’t imagine how anything could top that. Needless to say, I was pleased beyond expectations! I loved every minute and everything about it!!!!! I was afforded the chance to see and do very different things than I had experienced on my first trip there. So, it was like seeing Ireland again for the first time, only through different eyes. I would do it again in a heartbeat . I felt that we got far more than our money’s worth and then some. WOW!!!”  – Beverly McCormick, USMA 1968 Tour Guest

“Marie and I thoroughly enjoyed the Ireland tour with the West Point Class of 1968. Marie and I represented the class of 1969.  The Dunloe hotel was excellent, the itinerary just right with not too much on any one day and sufficient time to shop and rest a little during the trip. The bus driver, Maurice, was excellent as well as funny and informative. I enjoyed getting to the sites as much as actually visiting them. The evening entertainments that you arranged or suggested were also interesting, informative, and enjoyable.  I used my day off by renting a bicycle from the hotels’ recommended vendor in Killarney and rode about 40 miles in the surrounding countryside. The roads were a little narrow in places, but most motorists were tolerant and kind. I made it without mishap and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The extra miles over hilly terrain definitely helped me prepare for a bicycle trip from Virginia to West Point for my 45th reunion. Thanks for an enjoyable week in Ireland. Definitely worth the money and the time.”  –  Mike and Marie Allen, USMA 1969

“Our Class of 1962 mini-reunion tour with Mike was a terrific experience at a very reasonable cost.  Mike’s knowledge of Ireland allowed him to put together a tour for us that was truly enjoyable and, at the same time, educational.  The accommodations were of five star quality.  We could not have been more pleased with the overall quality of the tour experience.  Teresa and I have traveled fairly extensively in Europe and elsewhere and this was the best trip we have ever taken thanks to Mike’s meticulous planning and execution.” –  Dick Stephenson, USMA 1962

“Mike and Victoria provided a first rate tour experience at reasonable cost, and they could not have been better hosts. I booked this trip to celebrate my wife’s 60th birthday and our 40th anniversary, and it was the perfect get away for us. The package they put together was a wonderful balance of rest and recuperation, coupled with a “just right” combination of exploring the highlights and beauty of the Killarney region, while allowing ample time for individual sightseeing and, of course, shopping. We covered a lot of ground and learned a great deal about the country and the area, but never felt hurried or stressed by the schedule. Their knowledge and experience of the area showed through in many ways, and their thorough preparation was obvious at every turn. We will treasure this experience the rest of our lives.”  – Greg and Kathy Schumacher, USMA 1974

“I can’t think of a better way to see the wonderful sights of Killarney and County Kerry. The pace of the tour provided a very comfortable balance between well-coordinated sightseeing tours and leisure time to explore the area on my own. The accommodations were truly 5 Star. I would recommend this trip to anyone.”  – Dave Hull, USMA 1996

“I thought the Ireland experience was magical – everything about it. We had not been on an overseas trip in ten years. It felt nice to be really pampered. Taking that horse cart through what one of my Irish friends called “the mystical Gap of Dunloe” was in the “once in a lifetime” category. I loved it as well as the boat ride afterward. Seeing the Ring of Kerry and the spectacular Dingle Peninsula gave me a glimpse into a lovely country that has even more to offer. After the tour, we went on to visit to other parts of the West. I would not have missed the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher, the largest of the Aran Isles (and a very rocky sea journey to get out to it, which was well worth it even in the rain and fog), and the mountains of Connemara. All the ancient stone walls… those alone were something special to see. Just makes me hope to go back and see more someday! Thank you for an outstanding trip and a chance to meet some like-minded fellow West Point alumni and spouses. Thank you for introducing us to your cousin Seamus, whose fascinating research made me remember some things I learned in graduate school studying “history from the ground up.” (Fernand Braudel). This is my kind of vacation. And it included shopping and fabulous food. What could be better!!”  – Jan Simone, USMA 1975 Spouse.

“We had a great time on the trip and want to thank you for organizing it and being such informed and friendly tour hosts. I think the itinerary and Dunloe were very well done.”  – Mike Simone, USMA 1975

“A great opportunity to see Ireland close up from a terrific location. Exceptionally well run by Mike and Victoria Healy with great accommodations, great food, great touring and great fun. Go as soon as you can.”  – Chuck McCloskey, USMA 1965

“I cannot think of a more incredible week than the one we recently spent in Killarney. To be able to develop, renew, and re-establish relationships with classmates and spouses while thoroughly enjoying the superb accommodations and non-stop activities is difficult to adequately describe. The only way this week could have been better is if it were two weeks – an unbelievable time!!”  – Dave Hofstetter, USMA 1969

“Our best mini-reunion yet. The facilities, tours and events were all “First Class.” Thanks for making such a memorable vacation.”  – Chuck Anstrom, USMA 1969

 “Our reunion was a never-to-be-forgotten, unique life-experience, with a perfect mix of Irish Tradition, History, Golf, Pubs, Castles and local Landmarks – and Irish Whiskey, of course! The Dunloe is a warm, classic hotel of Ireland! Our class is very discerning, and I heard NO comments less than “Great!”” – Jim Mesite, USMA 1969

 “Our Class of ’69 Reunion in Killarney, Ireland was truly an unforgettable experience thanks to great planning and smooth execution of a thoroughly enjoyable schedule and venue in a gorgeous part of the Emerald Isle. Highly recommend to others!”  – Harry Dolton, USMA 1969

 “A fantastic place for a great reunion with the best of the line.”  – Danford Meischen, USMA 1969

 “From start to finish, the hotels, meals, planned special activities, class coin, notes, reminders, (everything!), We thoroughly enjoyed every day and deeply appreciate your extraordinary efforts in making this the most memorable reunion yet for our Band of Brothers.”  – Eric Robyn, USMA 1969

 “The reunion was outstanding. They only get better and better. Well done and a class act.”  – Jack Nesbitt, USMA 1969

 “A true success. Absolutely the best! Thanks to all for making our Ireland Reunion an unforgettable experience. From meeting us at Shannon Airport, arranging transportation, to the History of Ireland presentation, the traditional Irish dancers and singers to the local pub band made everyone truly feel part of Ireland. Having the class generally at a central location was a great idea. We have done bus tours in the past and it can become quite hectic. This way we could relax as well as partake in the desired excursions. We just loved it! A perfect trip!”  – Jim Ball, USMA 1969