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County Mayo Ireland Wild Atlantic Way Tour Itinerary


“Welcome to Ireland!”

Arrive at Shannon Airport and travel through scenic areas of Clare, Galway, and Mayo to Westport

  • Arrive at hotel and check in


  • Jet Lag Recovery Day


  • Relax at Spa or explore the tidy town of Westport right outside the front door of the hotel


The-Mall-Westport-Co-Mayo   octagon_westport_mayo   Westport_Mayo_Bridge_Street


  • 6-7 Happy Hour at The Hotel


  • Welcome Reception with Hot Buffet Meal and Irish Traditional Music Entertainment


KR 1

  • On the Town – Enjoy authentic Irish traditional music session in local pub


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  • ” A Quiet Man Day!”


  • Quiet Man Tour, Cong, County Mayo, 9-4.


Explore the magic of “The Quiet Man” country and walk in the footsteps off movie legends John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara; as you visit such places as Cong village and Ashford Castle. Inhale the beauty of this spectacular part of Mayo and Connemara.

  • Relax at Spa or Saunter around town


dingle-peninsula-view  dingle ruins  dingle-1


  • 5 pm Irish History Talk presented by internationally renowned Irish archaeologist, Dr. Seamus Caulfield.


  • On the Town – Enjoy authentic Irish traditional music session in local pub



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  • “An Ancient Ireland Day!”


  • Céide Fields, Historic Farm, Turf Cutting Tour, Ballycastle-Belderrig,  County Mayo, 9-4


Go back in time some 5000 years to where Ireland’s first settlers came ashore, see where these first people set down roots when you visit the “Ceide Fields” interpretive centre.  Explore an historic farm and enjoy cutting  your own turf; fuel that has sustained Ireland over many centuries.


  • Relax at Spa or Saunter around town



  • 5-7 Jameson Whiskey Tasting and Happy Hour


  • On the Town – Enjoy authentic Irish traditional music session in local pub


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  • “A Free Day!”


  • Free Day, On Your Own: A Leisure day to enjoy the food music and craic of Westport and its environs, with the options of a day trip and shopping in Dublin.


Individual tours may be scheduled through the hotel concierge.  Reserve Spa appointments directly with the Spa.


  • Relax at Spa or Saunter around town



  • 7-11 Banquet, Irish Ballad Group, and Dancing


  • On the Town – Enjoy authentic Irish traditional music session in local pub



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  • “An Ireland Military History Appreciation Day!”


  • Irish Rebellions and WWII Actions, Ballycastle-Killala, County Mayo, 9-4.


For those who have worn the uniform, hear about the military history of this part of Mayo, from 1798 to its part in the battle of the North Atlantic and the part played in the liberation of Europe in WWII.


  • Irish Genealogy Talk, 5-6:30.



  • Never-ending Happy Hour


  • On the Town – Enjoy authentic Irish traditional music session in local pub



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  • “A Mayo Day!”


  • Country Life Museum and Foxford Woollen Mills Tour, Castlebar-Foxford, County Mayo, 9-4.


Visit the Country House Museum at Castlebar, where you can view exhibits and artifacts of Ireland from pre-famine times to the mid twentieth century.  Trace how peoples lives were lived and changed  over those 100yrs and explore the museums beautiful grounds.
Visit Foxford Woollen Mills.


  • Relax at Spa or Saunter around town



  • 6-7 Happy Hour


  • 8-10 Irish Folk Music Review


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“Medieval Ireland Day”

Travel to Bunratty, County Clare for last night in Ireland

Tour Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

Bunratty Castle  bunratty folk park  Durty Nellys_Bunratty  BunrattyCastleCountyClareIreland

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“Departure Day”

Departure for most from Shannon Airport to return home.


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1. Breakfast included, 7-10 AM; Lunch and Dinner are optional and on own except Monday welcome reception and Wednesday Banquet.

2. Individual tours may be scheduled through hotel concierge for any day except Thursday.

3. Horseback riding, fishing and tennis are complimentary at the hotels, but riding times or equipment must be reserved through Concierge.

4. Reserve Spa appointments directly with Spa.

5. Tour Itinerary subject to change as circumstances dictate.